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Moving Tips

Fixed Items

Arrangements will need to be made to detach any fixed items such as pelmets, towel rails of built in furniture. Fitted carpets should be professionally loosened before our crew arrives and flat-pack furniture should be dismantled. Our handyman will, by arrangement, be able to handle the above.


Restoration and Repairs

WEuroMovers have an in-house furniture restoration service. It may be worth considering the benefits of having restoration work completed before moving overseas, where restoration services may be costly. Small jobs can often be completed in your own home.


Four weeks before your move Have you


On the day of the move


Walk through your home with the crew leader to give him an overview of what is to be done. Be sure that he is aware of any special needs or instructions. Remember to keep keys, passports etc. to one side.


Call EuroMovers should you have any questions during the packing, which the crew leader cannot answer.


Advice the crew of any items, which you will require immediately at destination so they can load them last (if appropriate).


After packing is complete and before our crew has departed, walk through your home to ensure nothing has been missed. Ensure that you retain your own copy after checking and signing the packing inventory.


Notification checklist

A summary sheet listing people or organizations you may need to notify of your move.


  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • House Insurance Company
  • Car Insurance Company
  • Life Insurance Company
  • Health Insurance Plan Company
  • Insurance Broker
  • Electricity Board
  • Water Board
  • Gas Board
  • Telephone Company, Internet provider
  • Bank
  • Building Society
  • Motor Organization
  • Sports/Social Clubs
  • Church/Place of worship
  • Insurance Broker
  • Electricity Board
  • Water Board
  • Gas Board
  • Telephone Company, Internet provider
  • Health Insurance Plan Company
  • Investment Company
  • School
  • College
  • Post Office (for mail)
  • Library
  • Car Registration Authority
  • Driving License Authority
  • Newsagent/Magazine Subscription
  • Satellite/Cable Television Provider




We, at EuroMovers, would like to wish you a safe and pleasant moving experience.

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